siblings (still under production)

My grandpa’s sister and brothers in their childhood home.

Coffee, engine oil, forest and flower wallpaper.

Between 2008 – 2015 , I visited my grandpa’s siblings in their childhood home, where they lived together.

Even if I only had a few years to get to know them, they shared their frustrations, fascinations, memories and local gossips with me.

Especially the youngest brother Martin.

He always wanted to show the latest engine or machine he was working on.

He washed our coffee cups with motor oily hands.

He sometimes got annoyed if someone expressed to much optimism about life (The siblings had this old farmer mentality, that you shouldn’t put yourself over the fact that life is a long hard work).

– for the next second being super excited over clip of an accordion playing kid, that someone once showed him on the internet. He couldn’t stop talking about it (the skills of the accordion playing kid, or the internet).

Martin was also was the last one of the siblings to leave.

During that summer when he got sick, I brought freshly picked blueberries, and we drank a lot of coffee in the yellow kitchen.

When I took the last portrait of him I didn’t know I would be back only a month later, but then to an empty house.

I miss them. I miss the drive up the rough forest roads, and the warm welcome always awaiting on top of the hill.

I know that Martin, Klara, Gunnar and Hugo would have been super proud and excited if they saw their portraits.

Although they would never had admitted that of course.

Värmland, Sweden