(ongoing, this site is a showreel for the project “sister”)

“Sister” (named after the term women use between each other in Cambodia) is a portrait series of young Khmer women who, intentionally or not, are bending the old gender pattern and are shaping new opportunities for their fellow sisters.

In a very traditon-bound society with strict gender roles especially for women, being a woman in Cambodia is difficult to balance.

Cambodia is ranked no. 99 out of 144 countries in The Global Gender Report 2017.
This means that Cambodia is ranked as no. 8 out of 11 countries in Southeast Asia when is comes to gender equality.

At the same time 33% of the Cambodian population is between 15-30 years old.





Based on these two facts, The Project Sister investigates where the women’s rights situation in Cambodia is going anno 2017/18.
Is it changing? Is there a young generation of women who are contributing to its change? If so, who are they? What is most important for them? And what do they think about the future?

Some of the women participating in the project doesn’t define themselves as Women’s Rights activists. But the definition in itself was never important.

The project is based on the belief that all young women who are thinking in new ways and doing it differently from the gender stereotypes, are part of the change, if not the biggest one.

The goal is to create a platform to inspire other young Khmer women, to questioning the social norms, to introduce them to their sisters thoughts and to make them take action themselves.

The project is also meant to give a picture of the development of the Women’s Rights situation in to Cambodia, and where the young generation is taking it.

The women’s rights situation in Cambodia :
Gender based violence continues to be a huge issue. Girls still lack the same educational opportunities as boys, and the Cambodian society is still very influenced by the Chbab Srey.

Explanation of Chbab Srey:  The poem instruct women in how to act correctly according to old Khmer traditions.It mainly focus on the women’s role in the household and how to keep the husband satisfied.

It urges women to be quiet and submissive and holds her responsible for the family’s happiness and the man’s behaviour.

It also advice women not to bring family problems outside the house, to avoid putting shame on the man.


Women in parliament : 20%
Women in ministerial positions : 9%

 Particular data : 
In 2015 (when this project started), Cambodia was ranked No. 109/145 on the Global Gender Gap Index
In the latest report, from 2017, Cambodia is now ranked as no. 99/144.,

General facts about Cambodia :

Population: 15,5 millions (2015)

Official Language: Khmer

Capital City : Phnom Penh

Life expectancy at birth (2015) : 68,6 years

Internet accsess of total poulation (2016) : 11,1 %

Total population under the age of 30 : 65,3%

Total poulation between 15-30 years old : 33 %

Ranking in the Human Development Index (2016) :143/188






This site is a showreel made by Malin Annie Jansson, to present the purpose and the vision for the project sister. It contains collected video- and photo material that is produced for this purpose.