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Listen to a Catholic church service – early Sunday morning in Myitkyina – northeast Myanmar

Kachin : the forgotten conflict

Kachin : The forgotten conflict

Photo reportage made for the Danish newspaper ‘Kristeligt Dagblad’ – covering the Kachin conflict in the north-east region of Myanmar in May 2019.

The Kachin conflict has been called Myanmar’s forgotten humanitarian crisis, and the IDP refugees that we met – testify to brutal violence, destruction, and war crimes committed against civilians.

The photos is mainly from the Pa La Na IDP refugee camp in Myitkyina, Kachin.

The every-day life of violence

The every-day life of violence

Photo and text for the Swedish photojournalist-magazine ‘Tidningen Re:publik’ in 2019.

In ‘The ever-day life of violence’ I interviewed three Kachins with three different roles in the conflict, about their personal experiences of violence, and their view on the exercise of violence in a conflict.

N.B. The interviewed people don’t know each other.


The ritual of Praying

To pray is to perform of a personal and intimate ritual. Praying is hope. In war zones this can be crucial.

I asked people living in the La Na IDP refugee camp in Myitkyina, if I could join them in their moment of praying.